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Has BIM Changed MEP Design Workflow?

BIM Influence on MEP Design Workflow

Critical to effective construction, MEP (M&E or mechanical, electrical, plumbing) design is both one of the key features of a structure and also the one design feature that most people don’t want to deal with, unless something goes terribly wrong with any …

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Understanding Lux Level Requirements for Commercial Lighting Design

MEP Engineering Design | MEP Design Service

Lighting design plays a key role in commercial buildings which are typically used by people to perform a task or conduct an activity. To achieve their tasks or activities in a workspace, the right amount of illuminance is necessary, over-lighting is as much as a hindrance to accomplishing tasks …

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Why MEP Contractors Change MEP Design Models

MEP (M&E) BIM | M&E coordinated drawings | MEP Engineering Design | Revit BIM In the MEP environment, a building’s MEP designs are initially developed at high level and then detailed to make them clash free and installation ready. MEP designers/consultants play a significant role in design decisions, construction planning, cost estimation and documentation. While design devel…

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The Challenges of Incorporating Home Design Option Changes in Construction Drawings

Construction drawings for houses, residential construction drawingsThe increase in buying power due to access to credit, lower interest and the increase in disposable income, has led to an increase in demand for housing in the homebuilding industry. Buyers now demand custom built homes and home design options according to their requirements and budget. To remain co…

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