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The Challenges of Incorporating Home Design Option Changes in Construction Drawings

Construction drawings for houses, residential construction drawingsThe increase in buying power due to access to credit, lower interest and the increase in disposable income, has led to an increase in demand for housing in the homebuilding industry. Buyers now demand custom built homes and home design options according to their requirements and budget. To remain competitive in the market, as homebuilders you must address the challenge of meeting these demands and provide several home design options to buyers.

The inevitability of providing home design options has led to a key challenge of creating construction drawings for houses on each design option variation. Every home design option must be reflected in the construction drawing sets including the elevations, sections and plans. This leads to several challenges from dealing with issues of space when redesigning, maintaining variations of several drawing sheets, difficulty in modifying 2D drawing sets, adherence to building code requirements and the lack of experienced resources.

The Challenges of Incorporating Home Design Option Changes

Whether you are a homebuilder, architect or designer, changes in home design options present several challenges. When incorporating design option changes in residential construction drawing sets, some of the challenges you must consider include:

1. Dealing with issues of space – To accommodate additional design options, in a few cases there is an issue due to lack of space. When redesigning, you need to optimally utilise space to incorporate design options, whether it is adding a garage or porch, making windows and doors bigger or widening a living room space.

2. Maintaining variations of several drawing sheets – To accommodate home design options, you need to create variations of residential construction drawings. A separate drawing is required when you add a space or modify an existing one, this leads to maintaining variations of additional sheets for one design making rework time-consuming.

3. Difficulty in modifying 2D drawing sets – When compared to working with 3D models, 2D drawing sets which are still used, pose a challenge in detecting flaws and coordinating changes. Given the accuracy required to incorporate changes in design options, you need to have precise 2D drawings to make modifications, or it could possibly cost you the time, money and resources invested in the project.

4. Lack of experienced resources – To identify the best possible approach when incorporating home design option changes, an experienced team of Revit technicians is necessary. To accommodate design option changes efficiently and cost-effectively, experienced designers are required and the lack of available resources could be a challenge.

5. Adherence to building code requirements – In home design and redesign, there are several building code requirements that are considered such as standards for size, structure, usage, wall assemblies, floor assemblies, roof structures, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, lighting and energy efficiency standards. A change in home design such as widening a living room space could impact other design elements such as the width of staircase, which may not meet building code requirements and therefore would require complete redesign making it a challenge.

6. Keeping pace with new building requirements and trends – From energy saving designs to home automation, there are new building requirements and trends which you must consider when designing homes. Home designs today must be created keeping in mind trends and requirements such as designing homes which are high on energy efficiency and low on consumption or designs which accommodate home automation devices. Keeping pace with home design trends and requirements when incorporating home option changes could be a challenge.

Given the challenges in incorporating home design option changes, some of the ways in which you can deal with design changes include involving key project stakeholders to facilitate better project management, using database-driven applications to ensure accuracy, managing libraries to maintain several drawings and changes and utilising an experienced team.

At XS CAD, our design team provides documentation and production drawing services for new home designs and new plan updates and 3D interactive plans which allow users to view design options for a selected house design. We work seamlessly with local project teams to provide customised construction drawings for houses, according to design options selected by buyers, and provide a consolidated construction drawing set with all design options incorporated. You can cost effectively utilise our dedicated team of experienced designers to get customised residential construction drawings for design option variations, according to the requirement of your buyers in order to stay competitive in the homebuilding industry.

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